Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Your personal privacy will be respected and protected by D64. and its subsidiaries and affiliates (collectively referred to as “D64,” “Us,” “Our,” or “We” in the following). In accordance with the applicable laws and regulations, we are committed to protecting your personal privacy and the security of your information. You may learn more about how We gather, use, keep, and protect the personal information we acquire about you through D64 goods and services by reading our privacy protection policy and the personal information-related statements for specific D64 products and services (hence “the Policy”). Additionally, we will detail to whom and how we disclose and transfer your personal information. Before using this service if you are a juvenile, your parent (or legal guardian) must read and comprehend this policy. You or your parent (or guardian) are presumed to have consented to this policy if you use this service and agree to provide us access to your personal information.

Information Collection and collection method

We may collect the personal data that you submit to us via D64 goods and services (such as the official D64 website, customer support services, etc.) when you use such services. The following is a list of the types of personal data that D64 could gather through its many goods and services, along with the justifications for doing so. Please note that We will only gather the personal data necessary to provide you with the D64 goods and services that you actually use, and only for the reasons for which that data is being collected. Additionally, we may also gather the following anonymous data about you when you use D64 products and services, which cannot be used to personally identify you. You are not required to give us the personal information we ask for while using D64 goods and services. However, in many instances, we may not be able to offer you products or services or respond to your inquiries if you choose not to provide said information.

1.1 Personal Information Collected by D64

Your identity may be directly or indirectly determined using personal information. Using your name, email address, or IP address as examples. With your permission, D64 will acquire the following personal data from you:

Your name, email address, country/region, and other registration information must be true, accurate, current, and complete in order to register as a D64 member. Furthermore, you have the option to provide additional personal information (such as a nickname, Headshot, gender, birthday, contact number, or address) in the “Personal Information” page when you log in to the ” D64 Member Center” (enter the ” D64 Member Center” website:). You can choose whether to provide personal information related to the services (i.e., product category, serial number, purchase date, purchase channel, and other details that may be used to identify the product) when using D64 member-related services (such as “account registration,” “product query,” “Points Information,” etc.).

You could be asked for your name, postal address (including zip code), phone number, e-mail address, and payment information when you purchase D64 items from Us (i.e., D64 products via our official shopping platform). Additionally, in order to provide you with customer support services (such as product repair), we may also need you to supply additional product identification details, such as the serial number or model, in addition to the information already mentioned.

You might be required to give your name, phone number, email address, date of birth, gender, product identification (such as product serial number, product model), and other personal information depending on the marketing activities or prize contests you take part in with D64. You could be asked for your postal address (i.e., zip code) or information needed for a tax declaration (i.e., a photocopy of your home registration address or ID card/passport number) if you win a prize contest or wish to receive gifts. We may also ask you for additional remittance information in addition to the personal information you gave while taking part in the aforementioned marketing activities in order to give you product rebates.

1.2 Purpose of Use for Your Personal Information

The following uses will be made of the personal information we gather:

1.2.1 Enhance and modernize D64 goods and services;

1.2.2 Survey and analysis of user experience for designing and assessing D64 new goods, services, and features;

1.2.3 Complete the formation of a D64 member account and utilize D64 member-related services;

1.2.4 Offer services (such as invoices or proofs of purchase), product software updates, or alerts for product and service updates for the D64 goods and services you bought from D64;

1.2.5 Complete your registration for marketing communications about services like D64-related news, savings, promotions, and other details. Please be aware that when you subscribe, you have consented for D64 to use your personal information; however, you may always opt-out.

1.2.6 Your personal information will be used when you take part in our marketing initiatives or prize draws to verify your eligibility, as well as for event updates, award delivery inquiries, product rebates, tax declarations, and the purchase of insurance for you if shuttle service is required for the event.

1.2.7 Your personal information and the audio, video, and conversation record data we gather when you contact or visit a D64 maintenance base or office will be used to deliver support services (such as maintenance services, response to your questions or inquiries), customer care, satisfaction surveys, retrieve feedback, uphold your rights, and guarantee the safety of the local staff.

1.2.8 Personalized advertising, such as third-party ad Cookies are used to deliver marketing and advertising material that adheres to your specific preferences and to suggest service content that is appropriate for you in light of how you have previously used D64 goods and services.

1.2.9 Any additional goals pursued with your approval.

1.3 Purpose of Use for Anonymous Information Collected by D64

Data that cannot be used to directly or indirectly identify you is known as anonymous information. Examples include your product model, software version, and invoice date. We may gather the following anonymous data through D64 goods and services when you use them for a variety of potential reasons. Additionally, we will treat the following anonymous data as personal information and take appropriate precautions when linked to the aforementioned personal information:

We may gather data about your activity and interactions with the application when you use D64 goods and services or when you use your products or services. The sort of application and software you like, your usage patterns, the name and version of the application and software, the time you installed and uninstalled it, the number and time of your logins and logouts, the frequency of use, and the number and time you switched the device on and off are a few examples.

We might need to ask you for information about the product you purchased when you request customer support services (such as product maintenance) from us or take part in our marketing campaigns.

Personal Information Retention Period

We will keep your personal information for as long as is required to fulfill the purposes for use outlined in this policy, or we may keep it longer if required or required by law: For example, we’ll keep your personal information for as long as is necessary for customer relationship management, to comply with tax laws or other legal obligations, or for as long as is necessary to cooperate with governmental or judicial authorities during investigations or legal proceedings. Furthermore, if you initially granted consent for D64 to collect your personal information but later decide that you would like to revoke this consent, we will stop collecting your personal information after you do so and only retain the data, we had already collected from you prior to your withdrawal of consent.

Who do We Disclose Your Personal Information To

This section illustrates the conditions and boundaries under which D64 may share your personal information with third parties.

Except in one of the following situations, D64 will not disclose your personal information to other third parties:

3.1 We Have Your Permission

Only with your permission or when you specifically request it will we release and share your personal information with parties other than D64.

3.2 Collaborating Parties

Before disclosing your personal information to our cooperation partners, we may gather it and redact it so that you are no longer traceable using the information (i.e., advertising Cookies for our third-party partners) in order to deliver to you marketing and promotional materials tailored to your preferences.

3.3 Providers of Services

In accordance with the extent of the purposes specified in this policy, we will also reveal and share the essential components of your personal information with our service providers in order to offer services to you. The shipping companies that deliver the products you have ordered or requested, fund processing vendors that handle the payments, and customer service providers (D64 telephone customer services, D64 online live customer services, D64 product maintenance services, etc.) that provide you with customer services are some examples of these. These service providers must follow our instructions to only use your personal information for the purposes described in this policy, and we will monitor their adherence to those instructions.

3.4 For Protection or Legal Purposes

Under any of the following circumstances for security or legal compliance, we will disclose and share the necessary components of your personal information with third parties:

3.4.1 When it is essential to adhere to legal obligations, court orders, legitimate security demands, or to defend against, stop, or look into fraud or other unlawful activities.

3.4.2 Within the bounds of the law, safeguard the safety, property, and rights of D64, our service providers, our clients, and the general public.

Third-party Links and Services

Products and services from D64 may contain connections to other websites or make use of third parties (referred to as “third parties” above). Please be aware that we have no connection to the gathering of personal information by such third parties. When leaving D64 products or services, you should be aware of it and make sure to read and comprehend the third party’s privacy statement. Please be aware that only D64’s goods and services are covered by this policy.

Security Measures for D64 Products and Services

In order to prevent any theft, tampering, leakage, or damage, as well as intrusion into the system where we store your personal information, we will implement the necessary technical and organizational information security protection measures, such as internal personal information collection, storage, and processing inspections. Secure network dedicated lines are used for data transfer by D64 and our linked businesses in several nations. Your privacy will be respected both online and offline when you provide us with your personal information. We cannot, however, vouch for the safety and security of the general network environment. To completely safeguard your rights, we advise doing the following:

5.1 Protect your D64 member account properly, for instance:

5.1.1 Use a password that combines both letters and numbers when creating a D64 member account.

5.1.2 To login as a D64 member, you should use your own account and password for security reasons. You are in charge of protecting the privacy of your username, password, and any other information related to your D64 member account.

5.1.3 In order to avoid any illegal access, use, or deletion without your consent, you should routinely change your D64 member password.

5.1.4 In the event that your D64 member account password is stolen, kindly let us know right away. We will then swiftly suspend or partly terminate your D64 member account password permission and delete all records pertaining to your D64 member.

5.2 Upgrade antivirus programs

To maintain the security of your personal information, you should also use anti-virus or malware scanning tools and keep your antivirus software up to date.

5.3 Call us right away.

Please email Us right once if you are aware of or find any technological flaws that might harm D64’s goods and services.

How do We Manage your Information

6.1 Member account on D64

To enable us to provide you with the relevant goods and services, kindly submit your genuine, correct, current, and full D64 member information.

To access, edit, and update your D64 member information at any time, go to the “D64 Member Center” website.

6.2 Establish cookies (please see cookies policy)

Through your browser, you can modify other settings, delete the Cookies records, or restrict the use of all or some of the Cookie’s settings (i.e., third-party Cookies).

You can use your browser to reject or delete such third-party Cookie records if you do not want us to deliver customized marketing and advertising materials based on your choices via third-party advertisement Cookies.

6.3 To manage the personal data you submitted, get in touch with D64.

You can get in touch with us if you want to modify, access, delete, review, download, or prohibit our use of any or all of the personal information or membership data you gave D64 (for example, if you believe we improperly collected or used your information), restrict our use of your personal information, or if you don’t want us to use it for analysis). Additionally, you can choose this option at any time for your D64 products or services if you initially gave D64 permission to collect your personal information but later change your mind. After you withdraw your consent, we won’t continue collecting your personal information, but we’ll keep the data we had on you up until that point.

6.4 Exclusions

We are constantly dedicated to making sure that your personal information is accurate and safeguarding it from any malicious or unintentional damage. However, if any of the following circumstances take place, we cannot promise to meet this requirement:

6.4.1 Situations in which we are allowed to keep your information as long as the law permits;

6.4.2 In order to provide you with services that are proper, we must keep your information.

6.4.3 If fulfilling your request would need more technical assistance and resources than would be appropriate. For instance, in order to fulfill your request, a whole new system must be designed or built, or the method by which services are now provided must be altered;

6.4.4 There is a chance of jeopardizing other people’s privacy.

Privacy Rights for Minors

Before giving your personal information to D64 if you are a minor, please get your parent’s (or guardian’s) permission. Your parent (or guardian) can get in touch with Us at any time if they want to manage your personal information.

Without the knowledge of, or with the approval of, the minors’ parent (or guardian), we shall not knowingly collect personal information from minors under the age of eighteen (18) or as otherwise stipulated in accordance with local laws or regulations. We advise that a parent (or guardian) be with the minor when they use D64’s goods and services. Please ask your parent (or legal guardian) for permission if you are underage. You may only provide us with personal information once we have confirmed that your parent’s (or guardian’s) consent has been acquired. Your parent (or guardian) can revoke or withdraw the consent at any time, and they can email Us to update, access, delete, review, download, or prohibit our use of some or all of your personal information (for example, if they believe we have improperly collected or used their information), restrict our use of your personal information (for example, if they do not want us to use their information for analysis), etc.

Special or Sensitive Personal Information

Please refrain from giving D64 any sensitive or special personal information, such as your genetic information, medical history, medical or health examination records, political affiliation, religious and philosophical beliefs, race, or information about union membership, to which we will not ask you.

Changes to this Policy

We reserve the right to modify this policy at any moment, thus it is advised that you periodically examine it. You are presumed to have accepted the new policy if you keep using D64’s goods or services after it has been modified.